Opportunities to Grow and Go

Opportunities to Grow and Go

WCC’s Mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our passion is for many to come to KNOW Jesus Christ, to GROW together in our relationship with Him, and GO and shine and share the love of Christ.

Grow With Us!

Our ministry model is intentionally simple and relational.  In order to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ at WCC, we would encourage you to prioritize the Sunday gathering, including our WCC Kids Ministry, and join a Community Group. Start there, and we believe you will GROW!

Additionally, we have several other opportunities to help you GROW including:

For more information on WCC Ministries click here.

Go With Us!

There are thousands of mission opportunities that are very deserving of support. The Missions Advisory Team (MAT) is challenged with being good stewards of the resources that God has provided WCC, and therefore we will look at three key areas when determining what missions we will encourage and support.

  1. Gospel: Are there opportunities for the gospel to be shared through this ministry? The gospel of Christ is shared by both demonstrating God’s love and declaring the saving grace of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection (1 Thess 2:8).
  2. Relationships: Are there opportunities for long-term disciple-making relationships to be established?
  3. Leadership: Is there an individual or team who is called to serve as a long-term leader for this ministry? Is the leadership team part of the WCC body?

To find out more about our Missions Philosophy and our heart for Local and International missions as well as church planting click here.