Our Mission

To encourage,equip and empower the WCC church family to live their lives on mission in accordance with the Great Commission ( Mt. 28:19-20) as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

There are thousands of mission opportunities that are very deserving of support. The Missions Advisory Team (MAT) is challenged with being good stewards of the resources that God has provided WCC, and therefore we will look at three key areas when determining what missions we will encourage and support.

  1. Gospel: Are there opportunities for the gospel to be shared through this ministry? The gospel of Christ is shared by both demonstrating God’s love and declaring the saving grace of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection (1 Thess 2:8).
  2. Relationships: Are there opportunities for long-term disciple-making relationships to be established?
  3. Leadership: Is there an individual or team who are called to serve as a long-term leader for this ministry? Is the leadership team part of the WCC body?

Church Planting

Since WCC was started, we have had a passion to see healthy, reproducing churches planted throughout the world for the glory of God. We believe this is one of the best ways to make disciples who make disciples by planting healthy, local, reproducing churches with a heart to reach their culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Local Outreach/Missions

We believe that most of our local outreach will happen by the church body at WCC as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples who make disciples. This will happen as we are intentional at building relationships, serving and sharing the gospel with our neighbors, co-workers, family members, classmates, or elsewhere. In addition, there are a few strategic areas that we have strategic teams with the intention of reaching out to and/or partnering with other organizations who share similar heart convictions.


We are called in the Great Commission to make disciples of ALL nations. We believe this to be our responsibility to do all we can to see gospel go forward in the partnership with indigenous missionaries and churches. This is why we focus on cross-cultural missions.